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Buku Peraturan Pentadbiran Universiti Malaysia Sabah (1994 - 2016)

KRA 2 : Strengthening Human Resource Management Holistically

Strategic Objective (SOKey Performance Indicators (KPI)Operation Definition
To Strengthen Human Resource Management
  • Number of Post Requirement in all JFPIU Reviewing Session
  • Percentage of staff receiving recognition and rewards through APC, High Impact Courses, GOP, Attachment and promotion
  • Number of Evaluation Methods programme involving PPP and PPK
  • Re-evaluation effectiveness of achievement evaluation (2 seesion per year)
To increase Staff competency through Proffesional development, Service Requirement and life-time Learning
  • Percentage of staff achieved competency level at 3.5 (70%)
  • Percentage of staff attending compulsory courses in service
  • Percentage of staff achieve minimum IDP based on post grade.
  • Percentage of Lecturers qualified in PhD or equivalent
  • Number of non-academic staff attending Short term and Middle term courses
  • Number of staff undergo postdoc / subexpertise/sabbatical/fellowship