1. Who is eligible to publish a book with UMS Publisher?

Priority is given to UMS academic staff only. However, non academic staff can also send manuscripts for publication. Please refer to the UMS Scientific Publishing Policy handbook.


2. How to submit manuscript / writing work to UMS Publisher?

All writings / writings to be published through UMS Issuers shall be subject to the prior approval of the Faculty's or the Publications Committee before being sent to the UMS Publisher for the purpose of publication. Before the manuscript is sent, please make sure it complies with the format specified to be eligible for publication as the book and the Manuscript Shipping Form is completed.


3. How does the book publishing process take place?

Manuscripts that have been transmitted will go through internal or internal processing / evaluation processes to evaluate their interoperability, manuscript improvements process after reviews from external sources, language edits and formats, layout processes and graphics and quotes before being sent to the printer. For more information please contact UMS Publisher Editorial Division at 088-320000 ext. 1015.


4. How long does it take to publish a book?

The length of time taken to publish a book depends on the smooth running of the book publishing process beginning with the process of outsourcing, author enhancement, editing, book layout and graphics, quoting process and printing process. If all this process goes smoothly, the duration taken is 1 year 6 months.


5. Is royalty given to the author?

Financial incentives are paid only to eligible manuscripts. Please refer to the UMS Scientific Publication Policy handbook for more information.


6. Can FPIUs and outsiders (schools, government departments, resource centers and others) apply for donations as a souvenir or for FPIU savings?

The circular letter from the Chancellery Department dated 21 February 2012 affirms the consent of the Vice-Chancellor that beginning this year all books sought by JPSIU or outside parties for the gift or contribution will be charged according to the usual pricing and procedures.


7. Where is the UMS issue book available?

For sale / purchase purposes, UMS issuance book is available directly from the UMS Publisher Book Store located at the HEP Building as well as online at http://bookstore.ums.edu.my. In addition, the book is also available / ordered at some of the distributors / bookshops / university cooperatives. UMS publication books may also be ordered from several distributors in Brunei Darussalam and Singapore. Please refer to UMS Publisher Marketing Division (088- 320000 cont. 1104 and 1304) for more information.


8. Can authors sell their own published books?

Authors are welcome to sell their own published books. Please contact the Publication Unit Marketing Division (088- 320000114 and 1104) for more information.


If there are any questions other than those mentioned above, please contact us directly at 088-320000 cont. 1462 (Administrative Section), 1015 (Editorial Section) and 1304 (Marketing Section).

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