• “Designated Administrative Access” means that access to the standard user interfaces of a given instance of the Software (designated in this section) that you may grant to a designated third party (a) for which you have provided advance written notice to VMware that you are providing outsourced services and (b) for whose dedicated benefit you have licensed such instance of the Software. Designated Administrative Access is applicable only where you are 1) an IT outsourcing company that is providing outsourced IT services to a client company and 2) applicable only to the following Software: ESX, VMware Server and vCenter Server.


  • “Guest Operating Systems” means instances of third-party operating systems licensed by you and installed in a Virtual Machine and run using the Software.


  • “Licensed Additional Module” means additional modules that may be provided with and/or used in conjunction with the Software for which you have paid the applicable license fee and accepted any applicable additional license terms.


  • “Open Source Software” means various open source software components licensed under the terms of applicable open source license agreements included in the materials relating to such software. Open Source Software is composed of individual software components, each of which has its own copyright and its own applicable license conditions. The Open Source Software licenses can be found in the open_source_licenses.txt file, other materials accompanying the software package, the documentation or corresponding source files available at


  • “Processor” means a single, physical chip that houses no more than the number of processor cores as defined by the description of the Software licensed, and set forth in the license portal or applicable documentation for the Software.


  • “Sample Programs” means sample client management programs or scripts that may be distributed with the Software.


  • “Server” means a single physical computer of a type that meets the specifications as set forth in the applicable product documentation posted at Multiple computers that share processing power or operate in a networked configuration as a single logical computer, such as a “server farm” or similar arrangement, constitute multiple Servers for the purpose of this EULA.


  • “Software” means software products that are licensed to you under this EULA, including, but not limited to, any related components purchased or provided with the Software, application programming interfaces, associated media, printed materials, online or electronic documentation, and any updates and maintenance releases thereto.




Publication of books and journals

Managing and coordinating the manuscript evaluation process , editing , graphic design , proofreading , printing and other related publishing works.


Distribution and marketing of books and journals

Distribution , promotion, marketing and sales of books / journals .

UMS Press has two main functions:


Publication (Editorial and Graphics)

Manuscript editing and publication of books and journal. This include editorial, proof reading, graphic design and training.



Distribution, sales and promotion of books and journals.


  • Latihan penyelneggaran sistem pengurusan jurnal dibuat oleh Pusat Sitasi Malaysia dan terbuka untuk semua IPTA berminat. Borang penyertaan latihan boleh di muatturun di laman web Penerbit UMS.

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