Pusat Luar Universiti Malaysia Sabah (PLUMS) was founded and began its operations in Universiti Malaysia Sabah on 1 December 2006.       

When it was first founded, the centre was placed under the management and administration of UMS Investment Holdings Sdn. Bhd. which was a full subsidiary company of Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

The centre was entrusted with the task of generating income for UMS by offering qualified as well as lifelong learning academic programmes for individuals from all walks of life.

Accordingly, the programmes that were conducted on an off-campus basis (Pengajian Luar Kampus, PPLK) were placed under the management of this centre and it was later re-named as Program Luar UMS. Both undergraduate and postgraduate taught course programmes were offered by this centre.

On 1 August 2018, PLUMS was recognised as one of the authorised divisions of the university and was entrusted with the full responsibility to offer off-campus programmes as it became the Responsibility Centre (PTJ) and was placed directly under the Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Office (Academic and International).

PLUMS intention is to expand in terms of the academic programmes and courses offered with room for more flexibility targeted for everyone without much problem especially concerning time and place.







The degree programme offered under the auspices of Pusat Luar Universiti Malaysia Sabah (PLUMS) used to be known as Program Pengajian Luar Kampus (PPLK) which was founded in October 1999 in the district of Sandakan to provide training assistance for unskilled substitute teachers (GSTT).


This programme was a brainchild of the former Vice-Chancellor of UMS, YBhg. Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Abu Hassan Othman.




  • Create opportunities by offering degree programmes to unskilled substitute teachers (GSTT) who have been long in service but have failed to secure a place in teacher training colleges
  •  Overcome a shortage of teachers in rural secondary schools
  •  Provide opportunities to unskilled substitute teachers (GSTT) who have been long in service to increase knowledge in their respective field of expertise as well as enhance their professionalism
  •  Provide lifelong learning opportunities




(1)     The programme uses the same syllabi and course structure as the main campus fulltime programme.

(2)     The contact hours between lecturer and student are the same as the main campus fulltime programme.

(3)     The only difference between the main campus fulltime programme and PLUMS is that PLUMS classes are held on weekends and weeknights.

(4)     The lecturers appointed to teach PLUMS courses are those who teach the course for the main campus fulltime programme or are experts in the respective field.

(5)     The PLUMS teaching and learning structure is monitored from time to time to ensure that classes/lectures are held according to the specified schedule and venue.