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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do students need to take courses at Pusat Penataran Ilmu dan Bahasa (PPIB)?

PPIB offers various courses from different fields, which students may not be able to get from their respective schools or programs. These courses provide new knowledge and perspectives to ensure the creation of holistic and competitive graduates and human capital.  

How many credit hours do I have to take at PPIB?

Every student is required to complete 20 credit hours from PPIB, which is inclusive of the Compulsory Subjects Cluster (6 credit hours), Language Cluster (8 credit hours) and Liberal Studies Cluster (6 hours). Please refer to our website to find out special provisions and exceptions for certain students.

Are international students required to take the Islamic and Asian Civilization (TITAS) and Ethnic Relations (Hubungan Etnik) courses?

No. However, international students must take two levels of the Basic Malay Language as a replacement.

What is the language test requirement to enrol in  foreign and local language courses?

Local students must obtain a minimum of band 3 in MUET and a minimum level in international English tests, such as TOFEL and IELTS as stipulated at our website for foreign students.

Can a Chinese student take the Mandarin language course?

No. Students are not permitted to take up basic language courses in their own mother tongue. For instance, Kadazandusun students are not allowed to take up the basic Kadazandusun language course. However, they can enrol in advanced level Kadazandusun language.

What is the graduation requirement for students who are taking English language at PPIB?

Students must obtain an average of grade C (2.00) for the four modules.

What happen if a student fails a course at PPIB?

Students can retake the same course. However, for the Liberal Studies Cluster, students can either retake the same course or register for a different course from the same cluster.