Message From The Director


Assalamualaikum wbt and Salam Sejahtera

Welcome to the official website of Preparatory Center for Science & Technology (PPST), Universiti Malaysia Sabah. This website is launched with the hope that it can provide the latest information about PPST in particular and UMS in general.

PPST is a preparatory center that runs the Science Foundation Program in UMS. The center obligates the government's desire towards the proliferation of Science & Technology for the country and especially in the state of Sabah. Consistent with the rapid development of the country which requires critical expertise in the fields of science, the Science Foundation Program operated by PPST is to produce human capital with strong science foundation in order to assist the development of our country and nation.

Students in the Science Foundation Program are provided with conducive learning environment and can also enjoy the cheerful campus atmosphere by reason of the facilities available in UMS such as dormitories, sports centers, libraries and so on.

I hope with this website, all the important information can be transferred directly to the current students undergoing Science Foundation Program and also to the prospective students or parents interested in the program in PPST, UMS.

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Sazmal Effendi bin Arshad


Preparatory Centre for Science & Technology Universiti Malaysia Sabah