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The Preparatory Centre of Science and Technology (PPST) has recently joined the National Higher Education Carnival 2019 at Oceanus Mall, Kota Kinabalu. The Jom Masuk U carnival (Sabah zone) that was held on 8 to 9 March is an annual carnival organised by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. The two-day carnival has been accompanied by almost the entire public and private institute of study from across the country.

The Jom Masuk U carnival has received a warm welcome amongst high school students, SPM candidates and SPM graduates as well as parents and individual singers who are interested to get information on the opportunities to pursue studies in Malaysia. Organising this carnival is expected to help students gain access to higher education institutions throughout the country. Students can obtain information on courses such as programs offered, curriculum structure, fee structures and related job prospects. This carnival is also an initiative for students in obtaining helpful inputs when planning their educational direction as well as helping them make the right decision in pursuing higher education in accordance with their respective academic qualifications.

PPST’s booth, which is located along with booths of other UMS faculties, has received visits from school students and parents who are keen to know about the basic science program offered by Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Most of the students are from all Sabah schools, especially around Kota Kinabalu, Keningau, Kota Marudu and Tawau. During the carnival, the PPST officers did not miss out on promoting the Foundation of Science’s STEM carnival which will take place on March 20-21 to encourage students to get closer to PPST. Hopefully, with the presence of the Jom Masuk U carnival, all information related to the science program, UMS will be able to be heard and hopefully can spark the interest and the desire of more students to hold future scientific students.