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Among the things that need to be carefully considered for a servant of Allah in the month of Ramadhan is Tazkiyatun Nafs. Tazkiyatun Nafs is defined as the purification of the soul. In other words, it is a spiritual cleansing process against any hindrances other than Allah. The process of purification of the soul touches the oneness of Allah with His servants.In the month of Ramadhan, the soul is easier to soften to return to Allah. One of the most powerful ways is to practice persistent repentance. Repentance can be done from various mediums such as performing prayer of repentance and istighfar. Dhuha's prayer is also categorized as prayer of repentance. In addition, the Muslims who are fasting, need to refrain themselves including their sight, hearing and mouth from committing sins. As a result, it will help the purification process of the soul itself.

Performing prayers is the first obligation ordered by Allah to Muslims before fasting. The Prophet SAW was called to heaven in the Israk Mikraj to receive the order of prayer. It shows that the prayer is vital and significant as Allah had given the obligation directly to the Prophet SAW. A person who is fasting without performing the prayer is a failure, because leaving the priority of basic religious obligation to Allah.Besides that, committing shirk is considered a big sin compared to others and hated by Allah SWT the most since is an act of asking help from others other than Him."Keep away from the seven devastating sins!" They (the companions) asked, "O Messenger of Allah, what are those?" He replied, "Shirk to Allah; black magic; killing a soul that Allah forbids except with haq; eating riba; eating the orphan's property; turning away from a raging war; accusing against free women who protect their honor committing  adultery, who are the believers, and are clean from adultery." (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)People who use objects such as bracelets or necklaces with the intentions of using them as amulets is one of shirk asghar. Believing Horoscope, believing in an event will cause something to happen and believing there is no other power other than Allah also leads to shirk. Committing shirk causes the ibadah or the religious obligations corrupted and thus will not accepted by Allah SWT at all. Therefore Muslims must not get themselves committed shirk.

The Speaker is the Head of Islamic education Unit at Kota Kinabalu District Education Office.