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The Preparatory Centre for Science and Technology (PPST) UMS has launched AUMS Food Bank to overcome the hunger/lack of food supply issue amongst the students. Malaysian Food Bank programme or also known as ‘gerobok rezeki’ (a special term in Malay language) is able to benefit the students hailed from B40 family.

AUMS Food Bank began its operation on 6 August 2019 and got a warm response not just from the students but it was also well-received by the staff of PPST whom donated various types of dry goods. Dry goods such as biscuits and 3 in 1 drinks are provided to help the UMS Science Foundation (Asasi Sains UMS) students who need food supply especially those who come from B40 family. Thus, hopefully this programme will be able to disburden the students and also to eradicate the issue of students abstaining from taking food. AUMS Food Bank is located inside the PPST office and students can take the goods of Food Bank from Monday to Friday during office hours. The donation of essential goods for AUMS Food Bank is very much welcome, not just from PPST staff but also from the Science Foundation students themselves.