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The Preparatory Centre for Science and Technology (PPST) has taken a more proactive action to address and combat the lack of science stream students issue. The Preparatory Centre for Science and Technology has established Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology (STEM) Committee in an effort to organise the modus operandi in promoting STEM at Sabah state level.For the first time, a visit to Sekolah Menengah Usukan for Mentor Mentee programme was held. The aim of this programme is to guide the target group on STEM with a more environmentally-friendly and practical approach towards the 4 main subjects which are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The Director of STEM PPST, Dr. Azrul Abdul Rajak together with the committee held a first meeting to acquire the agreement of Sekolah Menengah Usukan, a rural school, to carry out the Mentor Mentee activity. Some of the things that were discussed were the readiness of the school to conduct the activity on the fixed dates, place to carry out the activities and also the preparation of demography data from the target group. The target group consists of mainly Form 1 students to cultivate their interests as early as possible.The monitoring by STEM PPST towards the target group will be done from time to time.

This STEM deploying project is an approach in accordance with the government’s wish to broaden access to STEM studies for the rural communities and low-income families. (Berita Harian, 12 March 2019).