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Mission and Vision


SPOR strives to fully utilize the available human capital and develop technologies for the advancement of oil palm and oil palm related research of Universiti Malaysia Sabah in order to contribute to the enhancement of quality education, expertise and to promote industrial collaboration in line with the palm oil industry.


SPOR aims to lead education, research and commercialization for Universiti Malaysia Sabah by establishing advanced, sustainable and strategic research for the development of innovative technologies in the oil palm related industry.


To contribute to the needs of the oil palm industry through:

  1. Conducting research and increasing skilled human capital in the upstream and downstream of the oil palm industry.
  2. Creating and expanding collaborative work with relevant oil palm agencies and stake holder in oil palm research, education and management.
  3. Providing consultancy services in oil palm industry for sustainable development.
  4. Contributing to the direction of oil palm policy of the state and country when the need arises.
  5. Becoming a center for oil palm data collection and analysis complimenting other agencies.