Assalammualaikum and welcome to the web pages of the Unit for Orchid Studies.

Orchids, in family Orchidaceae, are flowers that often exhibited colourful appearance and fragrant. Included as one of the two largest families of flowering plants (along with Asteracea family), the orchids have always attracted interest in horticulture trades due its wide array of beauty across species and genera. In Borneo alone, it has been estimated that about 2,500 - 3,000 orchid species are found distributed throughout the island, almost 10% of the world's orchids! Apart from its magnificent appearance, orchids were also known to be the source of perfumery, medicinal bioactives and even as food source (google for Vanilla planifolia).

With all attractive and beneficial properties that orchids shown, they are exposed to extinction from various threats such as constant harvest from the wild, continous deforestation, uncontrollable orchid trades and many more. For this reason, Unit for Orchid Studies was established on 02 December 2010 as the Centre of Research Excellence in the Institute of Tropical Biology Conservation (ITBC). It focuses on research, development, and conservation of Sabah’s wild orchids through the study of its biodiversity, ecology, taxonomy, genetics and tissue culture. 

As such, we welcome those who are interested in joining us in the Orchid Research Unit (UKO), Institute of Tropical Biology and Conservation (UMS), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

Dr. Nor Azizun Rusdi,

Head of Orchid Research Unit,

Institute of Tropical Biology and Conservation,

Universiti Malaysia Sabah.