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Objectives of UPSB

The specific objectives for setting-up of UPS-Borneo are as follows;

  1. To be a reference centre in research, management and conservation of non-human primate species of Sabah and Malaysia
  2. To conduct research in the field of basic and applied primatology in the laboratory or in the field starting from the molecular (DNA) to individual level, to population and community level and the ecosystem level in order to understand how to manage primates sustainably in their natural habitats.
  3. To aid the development and facilitate the progress of field based primatological research by providing expertise, laboratory facilities, training programs and other resources.
  4. To promote and train skilled manpower in the fields of primatology and primate conservation through long and short-term research/training programs and undergraduate/postgraduate projects supervisions.
  5. To raise the level of awareness on the importance of non-human primates conservation by disseminating knowledge and research information on non-human primates to the research community, the public and other stakeholders via scientific publication meetings, seminars, workshops and other media.