CI@UMS Hold Talk “The Evolution of Sabah Chinese Food from China” on 8 March


The Confucius Institute at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) will organize its 24th Land Below the Wind Talk on 8 March 2023 at Theatrette Ahmad Nisfu, Academy of Arts and Creative Technology, UMS.

The organizer has invited Madam Angelina Zhang, the founder of ‘Miao in Sabah’, a professional media influencer to deliver her talk entitled “The Evolution of Sabah Chinese Food from China”.

Angelina Zhang is the founder of Miao in Sabah, who is also a professional media influencer production agency, and to date, she has six media platforms both in Malaysia and China with at least more than 60,000 followers.

Portraying the daily life of a China girl in Sabah, Miao in Sabah shows the Sabah's unique culture, delicacies and various tourist attractions.

Besides promoting high quality local business brands to the public and highlighting China-Malaysia business opportunity, Miao in Sabah also showcase Sabah to the world.

The talk will cover the introduction of "eight Chinese cuisines " from China, besides the changes and integration of them in Malaysian Chinese dietary life.

In addition, Chinese dishes that found in Sabah such as stuffed tofu and lei cha rice from Hakka ethnic, chicken rice from Hainanese, Hong Kong-style dim sum, and Hokkien fried noodles will also be discussed.

The talk will also promote some dishes from other races in Sabah which may receive influence from the Chinese cuisines, such as Nyonya dishes, Chinese cakes and many more.

This Land Below the Wind Talk which include food testing is opened to the public with free of charge. The talk will be conducted in Mandarin.

All are welcome to participate.



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