Mud Slides: Report If Rivers Affected


Prof felix banjir lumpurTUESDAY, 16 JUNE – Residents staying near Mount Kinabalu are urged to make a report if they saw nearby rivers blocked by large stones and wood chips.

According to Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) lecturer of Geology, Professor Dr. Felix Tongkul, this compound has the potential to get stuck in narrow river valleys and areas where there is a bridge that would prevent the flow of water.

“As I said before, if it happens, water and mud will get stagnant at the river mouth and will form a temporary dam…this is very dangerous if the dam bursts, more dangerous than what had happened (Saturday evening),” he told UMS Media.

About 4.00 pm yesterday, the study by the Director of Research and Innovation Centre UMS last week came true when the much dreaded mud slides hit Ulu Sungai Kadamaian and Sungai Mesilau.

In this regard, Professor Felix advised residents living along the rivers in the area to always take precautionary measures. – SS (fl)

Photo: Viral on Social Site

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