1. Procurement Notice


Procurement notice is provided for display advertisement and result of tender/quotation in UMS.



2. Supplier Portal

Supplier portal is provided for the registration of suppliers/contractors, the notice of tender/quotation and the results of the tender/quotation.



3. Directory

UMS online staff directory which searchable through a name or department / faculty / centre / institute / unit.



4. Job Vacancies

E-Jobs is an online job application system that includes academic and non-academic vacancies. All vacancies will be advertised in the UMS into the system to facilitate the application by the interested parties.



Radio KKFM was inaugurated on July 1, 2010. The radio station that is suitable for commercial and heard by all levels of society because its broadcasts were not only focused on the scope. KKFM radio broadcast can be heard on the frequency of access or 91.1mhz by applying the tagline 'Not Just Music'. This tagline is used as a post provided in the form of radio entertainment KKFM not exclusively, but also distribute a wide range of the latest info on the listener to keep up with current developments. Delivery techniques for relaxing and interactive programs that entertain the key factor to attract many listeners who are now viewed loved the concept of this kind.