UMS Transforms MPP's Professional Image & Etiquette

mpp penampilanWEDNESDAY, 10 APRILThe very element needed to form one into someone of quality is appearance.  A leader should be well-groomed and possess good personality with the right dressing according to his or her own body proportion and personality.

Hence, Universiti Malaysia Sabah through the Student Affairs and Alumni Department (HEP) organised a grooming session to its Student Representatives Council (MPP) session 2012/2013.  This course was held for two days at the Courtyard Hotel, 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu.

According to the course coordinator, Norhana Nordin, the course was organised as an effort by HEP under the patronage of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Datuk Dr. Kasim Hj. Md. Mansur to transform the image and professional ettiquette of its MPP so as to be more assertive and confident in executing their duties as representatives of undergraduates of UMS.

“Image should be given top priority to develop the pull factor as a leader.  When we have mastered the communication skill, image and makeup, some other important factors are equally important in building this pull factor on other students.  This is important so that others around us will feel at ease thus giving the full support needed,” Norhana added when met by newsman from the Information and Media Section, Corporate Relations Division.

At the same time, she also expressed her appreciation to HEP Senior Deputy Registrar, Mohd. Raffie Janau and other officers from the Student Development Division who had given their full assistance in the organising of this programme.  She said the close links established between them were apt and exemplary to other MPP to be always united when executing their responsibilities as student leaders at UMS.

The programme also included dressing and makeup ethics for attending various official functions of the university were also conducted by the licenced facilitator, Wawa Idris.

By: Salbinous Saribun/Feria Lee

                                                                                      Information and Media Section, Corporate Relations Division