Confidence Key to Success: UMS Alumni


jejak alumni FadzilFRIDAY, 13 FEBRUARY – Self-confidence must be instilled in order to achieve success.

This was stated by Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) alumnus, RK. Fadzil Hj who currently hold the position of Managing Director of Bumisem Engineering Sdn. Bhd., an engineering-based company.

According to him, without confidence one was not able to apply everything that one had learned into the real working world.

“In fact, self-confidence covers a fairly broad aspect. For example at an interview, without confidence in answering any of the questions posed, we may lose a chance to fill a vacant position.

“Likewise, when we are engaged. We are not able to perform the job well without self-confidence in our own capabilities whereas a lot of knowledge have been obtained through the university,” explained Fadzil, who has seven UMS graduates working under his company.

Describing self-discipline as an important element towards achieving success, he also praised UMS curriculum that provided minor subjects to its students.

“When I was studying in UMS, I majored in engineering. At the same time, I studied economics as a minor subject which allows me to learn the basics of business leading me to form my own company which stands till today,” he added, who has since been married and has three children.

Fadzil was met during the ‘Jejak Alumni ‘ Programme organised by UMS Alumni Centre initiated by Mohd Raffie Janau, who is the Director of the centre. – SS (fl)

Photo: Musa Mohd Derin

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