BICSME2015 - 1st Borneo International Conference On Science And Mathematics Education


Organised by the Faculty of Psychology and Education, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Back Ground

One of the major demands of science and mathematics education is to educate the young minds. The world are now greatly challenged to form citizens that are not only equipped with skills in solving local, national, and global problems, but also physically and mentally healthy in the globalised world nowadays. In this sense, scientific and mathematical knowledge is essential as it provides means for people to solve problems in their daily life and for the society. Therefore, science and mathematics education needs to educate future generation to acquire, as well as to apply the knowledge and skills in science and mathematics with manipulation of technology.

This conference intended to gather science and mathematics educators, academics, and researchers to discuss and address issues in the improvement of science and mathematics education in the 21st century. The development of the young generation in their ability to think scientifically and apply science and mathematical knowledge for the benefit of humanity is the main focus of this conference. Besides that, this conference also provide more opportunities for science and mathematics teachers especially from the Borneo region who have less opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skill, due to the fact that periodically held conference of this kind is limited.

In keeping with the dynamics nature of science and mathematics education and the rapidly changing global environment, conference is the best platform to encourage the application of appropriate methodologies and techniques from many disciplines which related to science and mathematics education. It encourages comparative research into national higher education systems globally. It also allows educators to publish and exchange information with respect to institutions with a view to illuminating current and developing issues of common concern and raising the standard of science and mathematics education management, planning and policy development at all levels.


The conference theme is "Internationalising the Future Generation through Science and Mathematics Education".




Conference Secretariat

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