Royal Debate 2015, UMS Gave Stiff Fight

debat diraja hepWEDNESDAY, 20 MAY – The line-up of debaters representing Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) gave a stiff fight to other competitors at the Royal Debate 2015, held at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), recently.

According to UMS Debate Team Manager, Rohani Hadi, UMS sent four teams, representing the Malay Language, Major and Junior categories as well as English Language, Major and Junior categories.

She added that this year’s participation by UMS was part of an effort by UMS to support and cultivate public speaking activities among students.

Meanwhile, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) UMS, Associate Professor Dr. Ismail Ali said that the university fully supported the participation of students in debate and public speaking competitions.

“UMS wants to produce graduates who have the soft skills as well as high-confidence in preparation for the complex working world,” she quipped.

Despite not listed in the top three, the Major English Language team showed a remarkable achievement when they reached the quarter-final round and captured the eighth place out of 22 teams competing.

Bahasa Melayu category saw UMS at the 11th spot out of 44 teams competing.

For the record, UMS was the host of the Royal Debate Competition in 2014 and won the Bahasa Melayu Junior category. – ZMD (fl)

Source: Student Affairs Department, HEP

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