KKTM Organises Talk to Counter Extremism Threats

TUESDAY, 8 MARCH – Personality Development Exco of the Student Welfare Committee (JAKMAS) Tun Mustapha Residential College (KKTM) Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) recently held a Talk on Countering Extremism Threats, held at the KKTM Multipurpose Hall.

The talk was presented by ASP. Samsul Datu Abdul Wahab from the Special Branch Police Headquarters Kepayan and the Chief Operating Officer of Malaysia Life Line for Syria, Syahrir Azfar Bin Salleh, and attended by 120 students of UMS.

Through this talk, students were exposed to the concept of Extremism and the understanding of Jihad and ways to prevent the younger generation from engaging in extremist activities.

One of the students who attended the talk, Syed Mohd Yusuf Syed Muhaddum said, students would be able to understand on the concept and threats of extremism and the misunderstanding of the concept of jihad.

“Students would be more active in engaging themselves with activities such as this and occupy their spare time with activities that are beneficial to them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fellow of KKTM, Syahrul Hazizi Asmat said, students need to attend such programme to get better input and useful knowledge.

“Let’s hope that this talk would foster an appreciation of cultural knowledge amongst students and provide awareness on extremism, to educate youth to be information literate and to have a foresight so that they would not end up in extremism activities,” he concluded. -(fl)

Source: KKTM