1Malaysia Club Organises Rimbunan Kasih to Orphanage and Asnaf

FRIDAY, 10 JUNE – The 1Malaysia Club of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) recently organised a programme called ‘Rimbunan Kasih’ at the Orphanage and Asnaf, Kampung Langsat, Ranau.

According to the club’s President, Muhammad Firdaus Syarifuddin, a total of 20 club members participated in the programme, which started as early as 10.00 am.

“Rimbunan Kasih is a platform to mingle with the orphans besides contributing to the new home which was recently built and in operation only this year,” he said in a statement.

He said the one-day programme was well received by the inmates of the orphanage totaling 26 pax and were excited to participate in the planned activities.

“Among some of the activities were a workout session in the morning and a telematch that was enjoyed by the less fortunate children,” said Firdaus.

The programme was also a platform for the club members who were also UMS students to strengthen relationship with the outside world.

The event ended with a handing-over of donations and tokens to the representative of the Orphanage and Asnaf of Kampung Langsat, Ranau, Ustaz Hainin. – SS (fl) 
Source: Norhana Nordin, Department of Student Affairs