Research Clinic, Innovation Clinic Launched

THURSDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Professor Dr. Shahril Yusof yesterday launched the Research Clinic and Innovation Clinic, aimed at providing consultation services to UMS researchers.

According to Professor Dr. Shahril, the facilities would enable UMS researchers continue doing research and innovation, as is the practice at the university.

“The existence of these two clinics would spur research in UMS, thus improving the quality of production and increasing the university’s accomplishment in the Malaysia Research Assessment (MyRA),” he said.

Earlier, the Director of Centre for Research and Innovation (PPI), Associate Professor Dr. Lee Ping Chin announced that the Research Clinic would be conducted by the university’s internal panel appointed based on their respective expertise, whilst the Innovation Clinic would be conducted by external panel, particularly from the industry.

She added, the Research Clinic would provide consultation on statistics, experimental design, data analysis, publication and translation.

Whilst the Innovation Clinic aimed at helping researchers develop their ideas towards quality research and with commercial value.

In addition, UMS would also provide incentives for research and internal funding for UMS staff known as UMS Research Grant Scheme (SGPUMS) and Postgraduate Research Grant Aid (UMSGreat) for postgraduate students. – (fl)

Photo: Suzeanywati Gasinin