UMS International Lecturer: Eid in Malaysia; a Festive

raya msiaTuesday, 05 August – Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive celebration continued to be felt by the multi-racial society in this country.

Visiting each other houses, is a continued practise in enkindle the spirit of Eid; entering the 9th day today.

A Chancellery reporter managed to interview an international lecturer, from Bangladesh, whom has been celebrating his Eid in Sabah.

Dr. Md. Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee, a lecturer in Biotechnology Institute Borneo shares his experience celebrating Hari Raya in Malaysia which is far different from his country of birth.

“This year, my wife and I celebrated our Eid in Kampung Bakara, Sandakan. I’ve found that Malaysian family will be wearing Hari Raya clothes with a uniform coloured scheme, especially here in Sabah.”

“The visiting each other houses, is also practised. The guests are served with food and biscuits. Back home, there is no coloured theme clothes or a feast. We only served sweetmeat to the guests,” he added.

The celebration is celebrated festively, regardless of age.

“Back at the village; my children are happy meeting with their friends and relatives who came back especially for celebrating raya at the village. At night, they are having fun with the fireworks. It is very interesting,” he added more.

Apart from the contribution in producing research in UMS, the lecturer admired Sabah’s diverse culture, the unity and the mutual respect shown by the people of Sabah.

“Here, I see Hari Raya celebration is not just celebrated by the Muslims, but it was also celebrated together by everyone in Sabah, regardless of race and religion,” Dr. Md. Shafiquzzaman said with joy.

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