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Be Positive, Stay Calm

uheim positifTHURSDAY, 17 APRILAlways think positively and executing our responsibilities dutifully would make our soul be at peace and calm.

Head of Mosque and Islamic Affairs Unit (UHEIM), Dr. Muhammad Suhaimi Taat said if everyone should think positively, there would not be any act of calumny and slander among us.

“Every positive practice will be accepted by Allah S.W.T. if we believe in Him, and perform all duties with a positive attitude.

“Any practice executed positively would encourage others to be positive themselves about something,” he said at the weekly Knowledge sharing session entitled ‘Being Self-Positive’.

In our working environment he said, an employee who thinks positively should not differentiate himself or herself with others, because everything comes from Allah S.W.T.

“For example, between a subordinate and his superior, both parties should assume their responsibilities dutifully, and should not deem that those who are in position are more important than those who are holding a lower position. Position is not important, but how we regard them is,” he concluded. – MA(fl)

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