‘White Water Rafting’ Fosters Team-Building

TeamBuildingJabatanPendaftar2WEDNESDAY, 04 FEBRUARY – The Information Management and Governance Administration Division Registrar Department Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) recently organised a ‘Registrar Department Team Building 2015’ activity held at Kiulu White Water Rafting Centre.

The programme was organised to give opportunity to staff of Registrar Department to take some time off from work and get to know each other closer besides strengthening relationship among its staff.

Speaking at the opening of the programme, Acting Registrar, No’man Hj Ahmad said such programme was a way to form their identity and the spirit of camaraderie within the organisation.

“The programme is seen to be able to foster cooperation among employees as well as provide an opportunity to mingle among ourselves,” he said.

In addition, the programme was seen to create understanding and teamwork among employees while increasing the work quality and productivity.

Also present were the Head of Information Management, Effendy Hadis; Head of Administration and Governance, Talib Abdullah Shani; Head of Legal and Integrity Division, Awang Suhaizam Bungso and the Safety Division Chief, Lt. Col. Abdul Talib Arifin. – ZMD (fl)

Source: Registrar Department

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