IBTP Intend to be International Reference Centre

WEDNESDAY, 22 JANUARY – Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation (IBTP) is now making the efforts to upgrade the centres in their institution in order to be as one of the show-place in UMS.

According to the Director, Prof. Dr. Charles S. Vairappan, a few plans have been addressed in order to improve and strengthen the existing IBTP functions.

He said, “IBTP intend to establish BORNEENSIS, a centre to collects Sabah flora and fauna specimens.”

He also added that BORNEENSIS will be the international reference centre which will collected all results from tropical life research.

He said while giving a briefing to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd. Harun Abdullah, when he visits the centre.

The institute have been collaborating with agencies and corporate bodies both from local and international; among them Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Shimadzu and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).