Green Technology For Sustainable Environment

greentech talkFRIDAY, 25 OCTOBER – Green Technology should be applied to our environment to ensure its sustainability.

According to a lecturer of International Islamic University Malaysia, Engr. Shamzani Affendy Mohd. Din, concepts such as the management of green chemistry, green nano technology, green buildings and green information technology should be taken into account during the application.

“Besides ensuring a green environment, green technology aims to encourage continuous innovation, development and resource reduction,” he said. He said this when presenting a talk on green technology at UMS Research Gallery.

Referring to the need of green building, he said the application of this concept was timely as building development were increasing rapidly everyday resulting in the need to use high energy. He added, corporate organisations should also check the pollution and environmental degradation as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Meanwhile, Head of CMW Design Strategies, LLC, Augustine Wong said when presenting his talk, green concept roads in the town area would be another method to support a sustainable environment.

He said, for this purpose, management of flood prevention from occurring on roads in the city areas should be made a priority. He clarified that continuous research besides collaboration with local agencies were important to ensure flood waters flow to the right waterway naturally. – MA


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