Tun Fuad Residential College (KKTF) UMS Had Visitors from UM First Residential College Group


Lawatan KKTF UMTHURSDAY, 07 MAY – Tun Fuad Residential College (KKTF) through the Housing and Hospitality Student Affairs Department (HEP) Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) welcomed visitors from Universiti Malaya (UM) First Residential College delegation, recently.

The delegation comprised 19 members headed by their Principal, Dr. Firdaus Hariri.

The delegation’s arrival was warmly welcomed by KKTF Principal, Dr. Puteri Hayati Megat Ahmad and the management and fellow at the Seminar Room, Multipurpose Hall KKTF.

The delegation was briefed on the management of the residential colleges at UMS by HEP Senior Dormitory Assistant Manager, Sudirman Laruju.

During the visit, an information sharing session by the members was also held between the two entities before the guests were brought around KKTF.

Also present was the Senior Assistant Manager of the residential colleges, Mat Usup Haji Rashid. – SS (fl)

Source: Residential College Tun Fuad

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