UMS EcoCampus Organises Talk on Wastes Management

eko kampus bicara ilmuWEDNESDAY, 02 JULY – EcoCampus Action Plan launched in 2013 outlined the needs towards awareness on the importance of wastes management in our goal to achieve EcoCampus University for Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Thus, EcoCampus Management Centre had carried out several projects to realise these goals.

Today, EcoCampus Management Centre had organised an education talk on wastes management at Café D’Sireh, Chancellery Building UMS.

The educational talk saw two academicians from within and outside the country sharing the concept and initiatives of wastes management and its importance to campus life and humankind.

Researchers from Hokkaido University, Japan, Dr. Nobuyuki Tsuji in his talk explained his involvement in developing and improving wastes management for the city of Furano in Hokkaido, Japan.

He said there were 14 categories of wastes to be separated and each waste will be taken according to waste collection schedule.

“The 14 categories are plastic, PET bottles, kitchen wastes, cans, metal objects, empty bottles, solid fuel wastes, sanitation equipment, ashes, carcasses, batteries, newspapers, grass, electronics wastes and hard-to-process goods,” he explained.

Meanwhile, a lecturer from the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Nurmin Bolong also talked on how wastes could be turned into another source.

Taking the example of FELDA Palm Industries, he said they had used complete wastes for their energy treatment plant to provide continued supply of energy.

“Empty fruit bunches from oil palm plantations could be a source of electricity and steam power for factories in FELDA,” he said.

The educational talk also had the Director of UMS EcoCampus Management Centre, Dr. Awangku Hassanal Bahar Pengiran Bagul launching a campaign against the use of plastic bottles. – MA (fl)

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