Good Value Practises Encourage Success

DR.AZANTHURSDAY, 18 SEPT – The fallen soldiers, sacrificed while defending the country to achieve independence need to be honoured.

According to Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge and Language (PPIB) language lecturer, Dr. Mohd. Nor Azan Abdullah, without their sacrifice, the community in this country will not have the pleasure to enjoy living in harmony.

“I believe that every soldier have a high patriotic spirit. They are also self-discipline and practised good moral values,” he said during the talk in appreciation for the country’s independence. The talk is held in a program called ‘Libatsama PPIB bersama masyarakat Lohan dan SMK Lohan, Ranau’.

Dr. Azan invites the audience to follow the European example, whom always emphasizing knowledge sharing. He also invited locals to strive diligently to succeed in life, thus, contributing to the nation’s development.

The positive attributes; diligent, persevere, and never give up hope should be instilled in every individual especially to the students. Those attributes, added with high desire to succeed, surely will yield success,” he said.-HH (JA)

Media and Citra Division
Chancellery Department