Author – Publisher Cooperation Needed to Publish Book

Dr asmady bengkelTHURSDAY, 05 MARCH – The Director of Universiti Malaysia Sabah Publisher, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asmady Idris mention that cooperation between both author and publisher are essential in ensuring the smoothness of publishing a book.

He added that, few factors are involved in delaying the publication process, including lack of cooperation given from the author.

“For example, when the writer or author fail to complete and send the essential chapters, such as introduction and conclusion.  When contacted by the publisher, there are authors failed to give their articles in the given time period. Thus, delaying the process,” he added.

Asmady also mention that among the other delaying factor is also when the reviewer taking their time reviewing.

“Despite the obstacles, the publisher will remind those who are chosen to be the reviewer in ensuring them to fulfil their task and not lost their track of time. We will replace the reviewer if they cannot give their full commitment in ensuring the smoothness of the process,” he added more.

He was said mentioning it in front of thirty UMS academician and administration staff in a Book Writing Workshop held at Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancey (FPEP).
Also present at the workshop was the Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rasid Hj. Mail. -SS(JA)-

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