Frisbee as Alternative Sport for UMS Undergrads

FrisbeeTUESDAY, 29 APRIL – A total of 45 Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)undergrads joined the Introduction to Frisbee Game at UMS Sports Complex recently.

The programme which was conducted by a staff of UMS, Macson Enrico; had attracted UMS undergrads to know more about the game.

According to Macson, the programme aimed to introduce a variety of new activities or sports to UMS undergrads besides making Frisbee a leisure activity.

“This activity is able to fill their leisure time as well as maintain their fitness level. The idea of introducing this game is based on the commitment given by the undergrads themselves,” he added.

Meanwhile, according to UMS Sports Science lecturer, Dr. Mohamad Nizam Nazarudin; Frisbee was an activity which involved cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, balancing, body coordination and agility.

“This game not only gives pleasure, but it can improve your health and fitness components based on health and motor related activities besides fostering teamwork to beat an opponent,” he reiterated.

One of the programme participants, Nurul Ashikin Embok Upek believed that Frisbee was one of the sports that can give pleasure to students and to provide them with a new experience.

“My friends and I hope that this game will become popular, and can be held at a higher level,” she said.

The undergrads were exposed to the introduction and rules of the game besides practical sessions using the proper techniques. – ZMD (fl)

Source: School of Education and Social Development (SPPS), UMS

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