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Water Research Unit (WRU) was established in 21 September 2010 under the School of Science and Technology (currently known asa Faculty of Science and Natural Resources). The main role of WRU is to take part in the water related incidents to identify factors contribute to the problem and to find remedies through systematic analysis. At present, WRU has more than 15 fellow researchers from various disciplines that capable of tackling and finding solutions to curb water-related problems.

 Besides research and development, WRU also actively involves in organizing water-related seminars and workshops, provides analytical services such as in situ measurement, laboratory testing and cosultation for environment impact assessment (eia) and water-quality monitoring that meets the specifications in Environmental Quality Act 1974, National Water Quality Standards and National Drinking Water Standards.

Research Highlights : 

  1. Effect of land use on water quality
  2. Environmental hydrology
  3. Aquatic toxicology
  4. Small island water quality study