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Welcome to the official website of Water Research Unit (WRU), Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, University Malaysia Sabah.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for your willingness on getting a closer look on WRU as well as to

gather information provided from this website.

The main aims of this unit are to provide SERVICE and CONSULTANCY related towater quality to the community especially in Sabah.

Throughout this unit, apart from research and development, WRU also actively participate in organizing seminars and workshops with

the main focus on water research, providing analytical services such as in-situ, laboratory test and consultation for environmental impact

assessment (EIA) as well as monitoring water quality in order to fulfilled the specification stated in Environmental Quality Act 1974,

National Water Quality Standards and National Drinking Water Standards.

I hope this website can serve well to exchange and deliver of information between the unit and the community. Any feedback and

comment to improve the website are greatly welcome.


Thank you.

Dr Moh Pak Yan

Head of Water Research Unit

Faculty of Science and Natural Resources

University Malaysia Sabah