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  1. A Novel of Utilizing Red Mud as a Photocatalyst in the Removal of Dye From Wastewater: A Green Technology Approach, RACE0008-ST-2013, RM50,000, Start: 1/2/2014 End: 31/1/2016 (Dr. Collin G. Joseph).
  2. Parametric and adsorption kinetic investigations into the application of agrawaste as biosorbent for dye removal in aqueous, UMS (SBK0058-SG-2013), RM25,000, Start: 2013-10-01, End: 2014-09-30 (Dr. Collin G. Joseph).


  1. PPI, Universiti Malaysia Sabah: Total Mineralization of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) through Photo-Ozonation Process. (Dr. Moh Pak Yan).
  2. Skim Geran Penyelidikan UMS: Heavy Metals Concentration in each 2 cm sediment core with length 50 cm depths at 5 selected Mangrove areas from Tuaran to Sipitang. (Pn. Rohana Tair).
  3. Skim Geran Penyelidikan UMS: Petroleum hydrocarbon concentration in water and sediments from Papar-Tuaran area, Sabah. (Pn. Rohana Tair).
  4. RAGS Grant: Conductivity study of PAN nanofiber reinforced with modified mixture MWCNT-CNF for the potential application of renewable energy devices. (Co researcher: Ms. Siti Aishah Mohd. Ali).
  5. KPM: Environmental impacts of aquaculture and mitigation methods. (Dr. Bonaventure Vun Leong Wan).
  6. SPLB-UMS: Characterization of Drinking Water Quality (Biological and Chemical Contaminations) for Sabah Kampong Community. (Pn. Carolyn Melissa Payus).
  7. ScienceFund (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation): Construction and Testing of a New Renewable Energy Source Based on Ocean Salinity and Temperature Energy Conversion Principle, OSTEC. (Dr. Harry Chong Lye Hin).
  8. Skim Geran Penyelidikan UMS: Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Kota Kinabalu Port, Sabah. (Dr. Mahyar Sakari).
  9. Science Fund: Protein, amino acids andfatty acids contents in juvenile African catfish Clarias gariepinus: effects of triploidization and chlorpyrifos exposures. (Dr. Mahyar Sakari).

  1. UMS Young Researcher Grant: Petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations in water and sediments from Papar-Tuaran Area, Sabah. (Siti Aishah Mohd Ali).
  2. Seed Money Grant: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon from Kota Kinabalu Port. (Dr. Mahyar Sakari)
  3. UMS-Seed FRGS: Characterization, concentration and sources of PAHs in selected sites of Kota Kinabalu Port, Sabah (Dr. Mahyar Sakari)
  4. UMS Young Researcher Grant: Heavy Metal Concentration in Surface Sediment and Core (50 cm) at Selected Mangrove Areas From Tuaran to Sepitang District (Rohana Tair).
  5. RAG0022-STWN-2012 (UMS-RM80K): Effect of land (logged forest and oil palm plantation) on freshwater macroinvertebrate assemblages in vicinity of tabin wildlife reserve Lahad Datu, Sabah. Researchers: Arman Hadi (leader), Mahadi Menakbar and Kamsia Budin.
  6. Akademik Sains Malaysia and Yayasan Sabah: The Expedition of Imbak Canyon Conservation Area, Sabah. 2011. Water and Aquatic Life. (Kamsia Budin).
  7. UMS Grant: Accumulation and localization of heavy metals in tissues of Typha sp. grown in acid mine drainage (AMD). (Dr. Harry Chong Lye Hin).
  8. UMS Grant: Parameters affecting the adsorption of Cu (II) from aqueous solution by rice husk in batch adsorption system. (Dr. Harry Chong Lye Hin).
  9. Science Fund: Parameters affecting the adsorption of Cu (II) and Pb (II) from aqueous solution by oil palm shell in batch adsorption system. (Dr. Harry Chong Lye Hin).
  10. UMS Grant: Heavy metal determination in tea and its removal utilizing cattails, Typha spp. (Dr. Harry Chong Lye Hin).
  11. MOSTI E-Sciencefund: A tool for predicting seawater intrusion into a small islands aquifer (Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Harun Abdullah).
  12. FRGS: Subsurface water resources in sandy aquifer of Manukan and PulauTiga islands. (Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Harun Abdullah).
  13. Jabatan Mineral Geosains: Experimental Phytoremediation of Ex-Mamut Copper Mine, Ranau, Sabah. (Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Harun Abdullah).
  14. Smart Composting Sdn. Bhd.: World Bank CDM ProjEK/SS SMART SDN. BHD- MSW 3: Analysis & Compost Market Survey. (Prof. Madya Dr. Piakong Mohd. Tuah).
  15. Jabatan Mineral Geosains: Experimental Phytoremediation of Ex-Mamut Copper Mine, Ranau, Sabah. (Prof. Madya Dr. Piakong Mohd. Tuah).
  16. FRGS : A Study to look into the potential of Pistia Stratiotes in removing heavy metals from simulated wastewater (FR60195-SG-1/2010). (Prof. Madya Dr. Piakong Mohd. Tuah).
  17. University of Wales: Assessing the climate and erosional history and future of rainforest areas of Sabah Using Dendroclimatological. (Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kawi Bidin).
  18. FRGS: Ecological Consideration in EIA Guidelines for coastal Resort Developpment in Malaysia. (Dr.Vun Leong Wan)
  19. FRGS: Effect of local hydroclimate event and surface runoff on the Acid Mine Drainage fluxes, Mamut, Sabah. (Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kawi Bidin).
  20. The Royal Society/Earthwatch Institute: Borneo rainforests in a Changing climate and landscape, Sabah. (Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kawi Bidin).
  21. LRGS: Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Risk: Towards development of adaptation policy. (Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kawi Bidin).
  22. Sime Darby: Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystem (SAFE): Impacts of retaining riparian forest zones of differing width on erosion and water quality in newly converted oil palm plantations. (Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kawi Bidin).
  23. Shell: Borneo Rainforests in a Changing Climate and Landscape: Impacts of forest disturbance, fragmentation and restoration on erosion and sediment sources and transport within Segama River. (Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kawi Bidin).
  24. FRGS: Distribution, source and enrichment of selected heavy metals in sediments and waters along the coastal area of PaparTuaran, Sabah. (Farrah Anis Fazliatul Adnan).
  25. Science Fund: Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Risk on Coastal Environment in The East Coast of Sabah: Towards Development of Adaptation Policy. (Dr. Justin Sentian).
  26. FRGS: Air Pollution Modelling in Urban Environment. (Dr. Justin Sentian).
  27. FRGS: Study on Temporal and Spatial Variations of Nitrogen Dioxides, Ozone and Carbon Monoxide in Kota Kinabalu City. (Dr. Justin Sentian).
  28. UMS Young Researcher Grant: Preliminary  Studies on Odour Pollution from Fishmeal Factory. (Dr. Justin Sentian).