Mesage From Director


                                       Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


head security    Starting in 2008, the Security Division has been given full trust to carry out the functions and administration of a new building adjacent to the Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge andLanguage. This is a very appropriate step in view of the additional staff and expanded functionality Safety Division, along with the rapid development of Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

   We in the Security Division indeed, always working to improve the quality of service to ensure that all staff and students can carry out their duties and responsibilities entrusted without fear of security at the campus of the University Malaysia Sabah.It is important for all to understand that the safety of the university is not located entirely under the responsibility of the Security only. Rather, it is a joint responsibility that must be shouldered by all individuals who hold a student or staff, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. The visitors should also comply with university regulations during their stay in the campus.

   As the organization responsible for ensuring the safety regulations are observed universities, all employees of the Division of Safety is always decisive in carrying out the tasks entrusted. At the same time, service and good communications to all staff of universities or visitors is our priority.It is hoped that all parties feel happy and comfortable all staff dealing with the Security Division. Finally, let us work together to increase mutual understanding and together in order to achieve the objectives and aims of the University Malaysia Sabah.






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