Closer Cooperation Needed to Protect State Border

sassrecWEDNESDAY, 25 FEBRUARY – The responsibility to protect the border and maintain border security including the well-being of the people does not only lie with the government but the role of the local community is also important.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Vice-Chancellor, Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Harun Abdullah said, in the context of living and community-life, both elements had a very symbiotic relationship especially in the context of the development of the state.

“Border Safety and Security have an enormous impact on the economic development of the state, especially in the tourism sector.

“Without these guarantee, tourists will not come to Sabah, and if this continues, income generation and economic earnings in the tourism sector in Sabah would surely decline,” he said.

He said this when officiating the Sabah Border Safety and Security Seminar at the Banquet Hall, UMS.

He said there was a need for close cooperation between the public, local authorities and higher education institutions, especially UMS to collaborate in terms of energy and ideas to add a strong presence at the East Coast of Sabah to guarantee that the border safety and security there were guaranteed empirically and intellectually.

More than 200 participants attended the seminar organised jointly by the Centre for Strategic and Security Studies, Remote Sensing and GIS Centre and the Small Islands Research Centre in collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Police. – MA (fl)

Photo: Ernest Berinus

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