61 Creative Pieces Exhibited in 'Adikarya'

adikaryaMonday, 26 May- Final year creative art students exhibited 61 pieces of creative artwork for their work assessments during 'Adikarya'. This is a Final Year Project, for the Writing Students Programme, is also open for the public's eyes view.

Muhamad Faizal Mustapa, the programme director, explained this final year creative arts (majoring in writing) students exhibit their works to be evaluate, for the first time, to the publics.

This programme, which explore and display works which are poetry, novel and short story script, and also the students thesis will be assessed and acknowledged.

With 'Citra Seni Wajah Kita' theme, this programme gives us opportunities to show our artistic writing talents, and also bring forward literary work as arts of thinking to the public.

This two days programme, will also recognised the students piece of work in a few categories as an appreciation to the commitments and efforts of the students in showcasing their artwork. Some of the awards are 'Anugerah Penulisan Puisi Terbaik', 'Anugerah Penulisan Skrip Terbaik', 'Anugerah Penulisan Tesis Terbaik', 'Anugerah Penulisan Novel Terbaik',' Anugerah Penulisan Cerpen Terbaik', and 'Anugerah Pameran Terbaik'.

This programme is supported by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and Sabah National Department for Culture and Arts.

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