Monthly Assembly Strengthens Administration

 JOE7814WEDNESDAY, 17 DECEMBER – The Registrar Department of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) held their last monthly assembly for the year 2014 at the Gallery today.

According to UMS Registrar, Datuk Abdullah Haji Mohd Said, the monthly assembly was started since 2008 and observed the same manner as the assembly done by the Prime Minister every month.

“Starting next year, our assembly will be held every first working day of the month to strengthen the present administration of the Registrar Department,” he added.

In a special talk for staff of the Registrar Department, Assistant Registrar of the Faculty of Business, Economy and Accountancy (FPEP), Masri Judah shared the five habits that can be practiced by staff of UMS every day.

“Through reading the book ‘the Power of Thank You’, we can practice 5S, they are; always be thankful (syukur), accept positively anything that comes our way (sangka baik), always be patience (sentiasa sabar), always be ready (sentiasa sedia) and always smiling (sentiasa senyum),” he explained.

At the assembly, UMS Registrar also presented awards to monthly best staff of each division under the purview of the Registrar Department.

In addition, a special award was given to 10 security guards who successfully controlled and put off a fire which happened at the Department of Information Technology and Communication (JTMK) last November. – HH (fl)

Photo: Johaidi Ismail

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