Creative Industry Management Seminar Able to Produce Competence Writer

seminar kreatifTUESDAY, 18th NOVEMBER – Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage (FKSW) through Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Student Arts Club (KARMA) organized a Creative Industry Management Seminar recently.

The seminar, held at Theatrette Ahmad Nisfu, FKSW Building aimed to produce more credible and competence students in the creative industry.

UMS Publication Officer, Ainun Jamil explained in the seminar that every person has potentials to be a writer, but only with perseverance efforts do they able to achieve what they dreamt of in the writing field.

“Various challenges need to be face by writers in this area. Some of them are lack of ideas to write, writer’s block, pressure, and challenges at work or study place. These problems need to be dealt with for them to start writing.”

“Hence, this programme is organized in hope of giving exposures on the aspects that making the set-back to the writer’s writing ability. This programme also aimed to give awareness to students upon the vast opportunities that lie ahead in writing creative books,” she said.

During the seminar, students are exposed to the procedures involved in producing until publication of a writing piece; a thing that hopefully enkindle their spirits to keep on producing creative pieces in the future.

Source: Jasman Bandar, FKSW
Media and Citra Division
Chancellery Department



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