Enactus UMS Team Helps Low Income Community

unfoldFRIDAY, 21 JUNEUniversiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Enactus Team had recently organised a community programme under the auspices of the UNFOLD Project which aimed at helping the poor especially in the urban area.

Among the targeted communities were single mothers, the blind, orphans and the underprivileged around Sabah.  Enactus UMS had helped these groups to generate income besides easing their burden through producing handicraft products.

Handicraft workshops such as the making of bracelets using plastic bottles and key-chain making using aluminium tins were successfully done by Enactus UMS to the Bukit Harapan Welfare Home and the Tambunan Orphanage.

The UNFOLD Community Project Director, Aarston Friend Dickson said the projects done by the Enactus UMS team will help increase the sosio-economy of the participants both directly and indirectly.

“Generating creative ideas and the implementation of the UNFOLD project was an initiative by the Enactus UMS team to increase the livelihood of the underprivileged in Sabah,” he said in his speech at the official opening of the programme.

According to an inmate of the Bukit Harapan Welfare Home Oliver, the organising of this workshop by Enactus UMS managed to teach them ways to produce handicraft products by using recycle produce.

“This kind of programme is exciting and will uplift our spirit to improve our standard of living,” he urged.

Enactus UMS hoped that the knowledge and skills obtained would help the community to be independent and competitive in future and urged all locals to support the UNFOLD community project.  All contributions and support can be channelled to Bukit Harapan Welfare Home, Tambunan Orphanage and the Sabah Blind Society. – FL

Source: Enactus UMS Team (FMD)

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