Shireen Naziree: Artists should have Their Own Distinctive Idea

ShireenFRIDAY, 19 SEPT – More than 200 Visual Arts students from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage (FKSW) presents to listen to an art historian, Shireen Naziree’s lecture.

The programme, held at FKSW Ahmad Nisfu Theatrette, is in conjunction with Galeri Petronas Kuala Lumpur’s ‘Pertumpuan: Senusa Sejiwa’ exhibition held at Sabah Art Gallery, and co-organised by UMS. The visual arts exhibitions start today.

According to Shireen, it is not an easy task to find a gifted artist, with a high quality artwork, even though there are a lot of people becoming artists.

“An artist must have their own signature idea. The idea must keep on expanding, in every piece of work,” she added.  

An artist must have the ability to accept critiques and see the benefits form others point of views on your personal artwork. Having the ability to criticize your own self is a plus.

“Either as a writer or an artist, you must always communicate and ask yourself. And then the answers will be translated to a piece of art,” she said.

Also present, FKSW Deputy Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hj. Baharudin Arus, Prof. Dr. Siti Zainon Ismail and Datin Maimun Pg. Bagul. –ZMD

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