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Ustaz Mohd Kazim Elias Touched the Crowds Feelings



MONDAY, 09 JUNE – Around 4,000 people attended ‘Ceramah Perdana’ delivered by an independent speaker, Ustaz Mohd Kazim Elias at Chancellor Hall, UMS.


Ustaz Mohd Kazim Elias, which are known with the comedy and relax approach on his talk, stayed for two days in Kota Kinabalu to shared his religious knowledge with the local community.


In his talk, Ustaz Mohd Kazim said, the Holy Quran is the life manual to all Muslims and should be used as guidance in every aspects of life.


“The problem faced with the Muslims nowadays, is that they don’t want to learn this life manual. In the end, they become flustered when facing obstacles,” he said.


It is important to learnt lessons from obstacles faced by other peoples. We must also realise that the obstacles faced by others can also become a test to us, he explained.


ceramah 2“Obstacles can be in various forms. It is not restricted to a form of misfortune or even destruction. But the test from Allah S.W.T. can also be in a form of wealth and health,” he added.


Ustaz Mohd Kazim, founder to the Pusat Pendidikan Al-Barakah, also reminded the crowds not to abandon the orphan and the poor.


“In Al-Maun, Allah S.W.T. tells us, a liar in religion is those who treats the orphan with harshness and does not urge (others) to feed the poor,” he said.


‘Ceramah Perdana’ with a title ‘Hikmah di Sebalik Cabaran dan Dugaan Hidup’ from Ustaz Mohd Kazim Elias was also attended by Datuk Seri Panglima Hajah Norlidah Datuk R.M. Jasni, the wife of Sabah Head of State, Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Juhar Haji Mahiruddin.-ZMD (JA)

Photo: Johaidi Ismail

Media and Citra Division
Chancellery Department



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