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Four Wheel Drive Club Celebrates Universiti Malaysia Sabah World Forestry Day 2014

triton hutanSaturday, 31 May – Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) World Forestry Day celebration recently was put into focus by several parties.

Borneo Triton Club (BTC) was among the parties who are involved in celebrating the day.

16 of their members joined and take part with their own trucks to celebrate and help with the planting trees program as one of the activities for the celebration.

The President, Vic Codfrey Marcussaid, BTC feel calledto join in this programmeas awareness on the importance of sustainability of forestas natural resource that have benefited to the mankind.

"As we all know,forest vegetationis the major oxygen supplier  which is our basisof lifein this world. Without forest, humanandother living creature will not be able to live,"he said.

He said,besides playing a roleimportantinoffsetting the air quality levelandreducing global warmingphenomenon, the retention of the greenness of the environmentis also crucial for us to inherit for the futuregeneration.

Hence, he added, activitiesthat can bedestructive to the forestlike unplanned explorations andillegal loggingneed to be overcome and handled together.

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