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World Scientific Publishing (WSP) is an academic publisher of scientific, technical, and medical books and journals with headquarters in Singapore. Universiti Malaysia Sabah Library currently only have access to 36 eBooks on the World Scientific platform:

  1. 2014 Annual Competitiveness Analysis and Development Strategies for Indonesian Provinces
  2. 2014 Provincial and Inaugural Regional Competitiveness Analysis: Safeguarding Indonesia's Growth Momentum
  3. Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences
  4. Annual Analysis of Competitiveness, Simulation Studies and Development Perspective for 34 Greater China Economies: 2000-2010
  5. Annual Analysis of Competitiveness, Simulation Studies and Development Perspective for 35 States and Federal Territories of India: 2000-2010
  6. APEC and the Rise of China
  7. ASEAN Economic Integration: Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Finance
  8. ASEAN Matters! Reflecting On the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  9. Asia Rising: Who Is Leading?
  10. Asian Economic Systems
  11. Asian Free Trade Agreements and WTO Compatibility: Goods, Services, Trade Facilitation and Economic Cooperation
  12. Behavioural Economics and Policy Design: Examples from Singapore
  13. Burma or Myanmar? The Struggle for National Identity
  14. China and East Asia: After the Wall Street Crisis
  15. China-ASEAN Sub-Regional Cooperation: Progress, Problems and Prospect
  16. Chronic Poverty in Asia: Causes, Consequences and Policies
  17. Entrepreneurship in Asia: Social Enterprise, Network and Grassroots Case Studies
  18. Environmental Policies in Asia: Perspectives from Seven Asian Countries
  19. Facets of Competitiveness: Narratives from ASEAN
  20. Harmony and Development: ASEAN-China Relations
  21. Heart to Heart with Asian Leaders: Exclusive Interviews on Crisis, Comebacks & Character
  22. Leaders of Singapore
  23. Making of Southeast Asian Nations, the: State, Ethnicity, Indigenism and Citizenship
  24. Malaysia@50: Economic Development, Distribution, Disparities
  25. Perspectives on the Security of Singapore: The First 50 Years
  26. Political Participation in Asia: Typologies of Political Behavior across Democratizing States
  27. Reinventing Indonesia
  28. Singapore 2065: Leading Insights on Economy and Environment from 50 Singapore Icons and Beyond
  29. Singapore and Asia: Impact of the Global Financial Tsunami and Other Economic Issues
  30. Singapore Perspectives 2011: Our Inclusive Society: Going Forward
  31. Singapore Perspectives 2012 - Singapore Inclusive: Bridging Divides
  32. Singapore Perspectives 2013: Governance
  33. Singapore Perspectives 2014: Differences
  34. Singapore: Trade, Investment and Economic Performance
  35. Whither Southeast Asia Terrorism?
  36. World Scientific Reference on Asia and the World Economy (In 3 Volumes)