About Us

The Universiti Malaysia Sabah's publication unit, Penerbit UMS, was founded on March 1st, 2001. 

The Vice-Chancellor of UMS is the direct supervisor of the Head of Publication Unit. The committee, chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation, determines manuscript content and scientific quality for publication.

UMS publishers prioritize original works in Malay, English, and other languages, and accept work across all branches of science, focusing on its usefulness to students, scholars, researchers, government employees, professionals, and enthusiasts. 


Become the leader of brilliant and innovative scientific publications of international class. 


As the main channel, university citizens publish quality scientific work in disseminating science and research outcomes of UMS. 


  • • Be an imprint center that guarantees the quality of its publication;
  • • Building and developing scientific publications of UMS academic citizens in the Sabah, Malaysia and global rankings;
  • • Implement scientific publication programs (printed and electronic) in the form of monographs, books, and journals appropriate to the field of science developed by UMS;
  • • Implement marketing and promotion programs of UMS publications through conventional and electronic channels;
  • • Build a network of information to coordinate and monitor IPTA publishing activities in order to avoid titles and waste of limited expert resources, time and publishing funds;
  • • Promoting cooperation and coordination of scientific publications among IPTA publishers, researchcenters, MAPIM, MKBKM, MABOPA, MBSA, MBIA (Booktrade Malaysia), AAUP and so on;
  • • Establish collaborative and professional relationships with universal scientific publishing organizations such as UNESCO, Library of Congress and so on.       

Basic of Manuscript

UMS publishers prioritize original works in Malay and English. In addition, manuscripts in other languages covering the fields of study offered at UMS are also considered.

At present, the selection of manuscripts to be published is selected by the respective School/Center/Institut and subsequently obtains the approval of the UMS Publishing Committee. 

Distribution of Publication

The UMS Publishing Unit carries out its sales and distribution activities in the same way as other book publishers. Any questions from distribution companies interested in promoting and selling UMS editions are very welcome.