UMS Delegates' ExperienceExploring Cultural Exchange at Daedeok District's, South Korea


In an enriching collaboration facilitated by Hannam University's LINC 3.0 program, delegates from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) indulged in a vibrant cultural exchange at the Daedeok District Youth Bunker in South Korea.

Led by Professor Peter Lee, advised by Professor Won Gu-Hwan, and supported by the Honorable Mr. Choi Chung-Gyu, Mayor of Dae Deok District, the initiative aimed to foster global industry-academia cooperation.

The event showcased an array of meaningful activities tailored for the visiting UMS lecturers and students.

Among the highlights were captivating music performances by Ms. Jo Hye-Won, Ms. Bak Su-Hyun, and Ms. Song Ye-Hyeon, accompanied by K-pop dance lessons under the guidance of Ms. Lee Da-Seul, a popular choreographer.

Mayor Choi Chung-Gyu, in his welcoming address, emphasized the significance of cultural immersion and academic collaboration through programs like the Global Capstone Program.

The Daedeok-gu Youth Bunker, operating under the vision of enriching the lives of young people, served as the ideal setting for this exchange.

Situated in the basement of the Daedeok District Office, the Youth Bunker epitomizes a space designed for fostering communication and cultural exchange among youth.

Open on weekdays and Saturdays, the facility offers various amenities free of charge, including performance venues, book cafes, and meeting spaces.

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd. Rahimie Abd Karim, Dean of UMS's Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accountancy, expressed gratitude towards Hannam University, Professor Won Gu-Hwan, Mayor Choi Chung-Gyu, Professor Peter Lee, and all involved parties for facilitating this enriching experience.

Among the UMS delegates were Rosle Mohidin, lecturer at UMS's Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accountancy, who also served as the head of the delegation and Director of AACSB, and Datu Razali Datu Eranza, International Mobility Coordinator at UMS's Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accountancy.

UMS Students including Ahmad Zaid Mohamad Nasir, Carl Chan Teck Hong, Metlye Metter, Nabila Qistina Robian, Nina Natasha Baqiah Abu Bakar, Nisrina Humaira Rasyidi, and Sitti Salmiya Binti Ombra.

Apart from learning K-Pop dance, Nina and Salmiyah also performed Igal-Igal dance (Lampa Lampa Pisang by Den Bisa) for Korean choreographer Ms. Lee Da-Seul to participate. Rosle Mohidin performed the song 'Sayang Sayang Kinabalu', with Koreans joining in to dance.

The Koreans expressed that participating in the Igal-Igal and 'Sayang Sayang Kinabalu' dances was a remarkable experience, as everyone enthusiastically joined in to dance along.

The collaboration not only enriched the academic journey of the UMS delegates but also strengthened ties between institutions, fostering a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and academic cooperation.

As initiatives like these continue to flourish, they underscore the importance of global partnerships in shaping the future of academia and industry.



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