Students of Faculty of Engineering, UMS Joining Outbound Industrial Training

MONDAY, 9 JULY- Industrial Training is a compulsory 5-credit hour course for the students who have completed their six (6) semesters of study in the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (FKJ, UMS).

Industrial Training provides opportunity to the students to experience the real working environment so that they can relate theoretical knowledge with application in the industry.

The students will develop skills in work ethics, communication, management and working in a team.

The students are required to undergo industrial training for a minimum period of 10 weeks at the relevant industry or government body, locally in Malaysia for inbound industrial training or internationally for outbound industrial training.

As for the academic session 2016/2017, a total of 25 students from Civil, Electrical and Electronics, Chemical, Mechanical, and Electronics (Computer) Engineering Programme, FKJ, UMS, had conducted their outbound industrial training at various relevant companies in South Korea and Japan.

The students come from different backgrounds, including six Sabahan. Previously, several students received job offer to work in South Korea through the industrial training. Positive feedbacks were also received from the industrial training supervisors through their evaluation and students through their experience sharing session.

This effort was also praised and received good comments from Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), Malaysia, during their visit to review our Mechanical Engineering Programme in 2016.

Continuation from the past successful event, a total number of 35 students from Civil, Electrical and Electronics, Chemical, Mechanical, and Electronics (Computer) Engineering Programme will undergo their outbound industrial training for the academic session 2017 / 2018, a positive increment in the number of student than the previous session.

Out of this number, 26 students will be attached in South Korea which Professor Dr. Seock-Sam Kim has assisted their placement process, and nine (9) students will be in China which the attachment procedure was arranged by Dr. Kenneth Teo Tze Kin. These include 13 Sabahans and 19 students in the category of bottom 40% household income (B40).

For the students who are going to South Korea, their placement of attachment is mainly at various distinguished companies at Daegu.

In China, the student’s placement is at Beijing and Fujian. Their industrial training starts since 25 June 2018. Furthermore, the outbound industrial training of FKJ, UMS students is also supported in procedure-wise and financially by UMS Centre for Industry and Community Network, and Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement.

Through this outbound industrial training, the students of FKJ, UMS will be exposed to new and advanced working environment in developed countries. This will also boost up their confidence and enthusiasm, particularly in engineering fields.

They will have the opportunity to experience cultural exchange, to absorb the fast, efficient, and effective working style, and to apply their knowledge in real international working industry. Consequently, through the outbound industrial training, the employability of students can be improved and reliable future engineer can be produced.





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