34 Students Conquered Udar Island, at The Royal Malaysian Navy, Sepanggar

udar 14Tuesday, 3 June -34 UMS Science Sports final year students took advantage the geographical area of Pulau Udar, Sepanggar as their sports and recreation camping programme. Pulau Udar, is also known as the Sailing Centre of Excellence to The Royal Malaysian Navy.

With ‘Recreation Generating a Balance, Healthy Physical and Mental’ theme, this four days three nights programme aims to expose students to sports and recreational activities and skills needed in conducting those activities. The aspects included activity, socialization, psychology, social value and culture. This programme is also giving opportunity to the students to experience conducting sports and recreational activities in real situation.

During the programme, students conducted a few interesting water activities. With guidance from the Sailing Centre of Excellence’s Navy officers, there conducted water confident, kayaking to Peduk (Jiwa Murni) Island, scuba diving, and sailing. Beach cleaning to conserve the cleanliness and beauty of the area is done by the students, in hope to instil the participants to love the nature.

The camp programme director, Mathew Madau anak Yok explains the programme had given basic knowledge on water sports to the students and taught the students to do activities in group while doing the water activities. The recreational and sports activities done during the camp was also contributing to the increased of physical and mental fitness ability and also increasing unity.

“The participants will be able to understand and explain sports and recreational concepts, applied skills in those activities, managing and conducting the activities and also shaping the students personalities to be leaders and dynamic person.”

“We hope this programme will be done regularly to produce students with sharp minds, competitive, competence, proactive, and feasible and also develop the mental and physical endurance,” he added.

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